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Wood Fence

Automatic Gates

The natural oils in #1 grade cedar help make the cedar fence panel resistant to decay and insect attack, increasing its durability and weather ability without the use of chemical treatments. It is dimensionally stable, much more so than other wood types, so there is minimal shrinkage or warping. Your cedar fence will stay straight and sturdy much longer than a spruce or pine fence.

A good driveway gate is more than a security feature – it’s often the focal point element of a well-­planned landscape design. Your gate can make your invited guests feel welcome and secure at your home. And while it can also serve as a barrier to those who are unwelcome, it’s more often than not a beautiful addition to your home’s complete aesthetic. Both considerations -­ security and aesthetics are important and neither should be neglected
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Ameristar Fence

Chain Link Fence

Ameristar fence offers a cost effective, low maintenance residential solution, combining durability with beauty

Chain link fence is known for its versatility. With a multitude of uses, from residential to commercial, temporary construction to long term security, we offer chain link fence solutions for any job.

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